Striking the right chords by choosing the right words.

I provide professional and reliable translations from English into Brazilian Portuguese. As a former in-house translator for one of the world's leading PR and communications companies, I know the ins and outs of my specializations, and have helped several global companies and institutions reach their audiences.
I only take on assignments in my fields of specialization to ensure I can deliver high quality translations. If you need language services in a different area, I would be happy to refer you to a suitable linguist from my trusted network of colleagues.

My fields of expertise are:

  • Marketing 
  • PR
  • Business 
  • Journalism
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Environment

Client case study



Volvo Ocean Race is a traditional round-the-world yacht race. Held every three years, it brings together sailing teams from all over the world who complete ten offshore legs and several in-port races over the course of 9 months.  


Volvo Ocean Race needed a dedicated translator to provide on-demand Portuguese translations of press releases for immediate distribution during their 2011-12 edition. As the race was unpredictable and took place all over the world, I had to be flexible and available on short notice and weekends.  


Immediately after all main events and races, the client would send me a press release, and I had approximately an hour and a half to send it back for review and distribution. The partnership was a success and I successfully met all their deadlines.